AWS have released an update on their most popular and wide-ranging certification course.

The software architect exam at associate level SAA-C01 has been retired and SAA-C02 takes its place.

October 2020 Update: I passed!

Commenters with experience of the two will maintain that as long as you keep to the fundamentals of the 5 pillars of the well-architected framework, the two exams have mostly the same content.

It pays to be aware of the new products AWS offer. We know that being able to leverage natively provided technologies from a cloud provider will often present efficiency gains in the Software Development Lifecycle.

In the SAA-C02 exam, the new technologies we should be aware of:

AWS Global Accelerator      
Elastic Fabric Adapter      
Elastic Network Adapter      
AWS Parallel Cluster      
Amazon FSx      
AWS DataSync      
AWS Directory Service      
High Performance Computing      
Aurora Serverless